If you have a notebook, you probably have the same problem as me - when you type text, you sometimes touch it's touchpad, and it's a great luck, if you only move a cursor, as "clicks" usually do much more harm.
Normally you expect manufacturer to assign some key to disable it, and ideally you want touchpad to ignore your hands when you type. But that's not what manufacturers usually think about.
I've got tired of this mess and finally made this utility. It's a universal notebook touch pad disabler.

Basically it consists of two parts - a driver and a controlling utility. Driver installs to system mouse and keyboard driver chains (keyboard hook is needed to lock tochpad when you type text). Controlling utility resides at system tray and allows you to set up driver options and lock touchpad by hot key.

At first run it would suggest you to install a driver and reboot. Unfortunately, since it a low level driver, it won't run at once. You have to have administrator privileges to do it.
After reboot you'll need to review options for the first run. UnTouch would take care about the devices, which are already connected, so if you plan to use a travel mouse, you better disconnect it before this reboot (it would be easier to identify touchpad among other devices then).
Later UnTouch would minimize to system tray. When you hit close button (X), it would mimize to tray as well, so if you wish to quit, use a menu item at UnTouch's tray icon.
Driver locks pointing devices ONLY when controlling utiity is running, so quitting it would unbock everything.
UnTouch executable resides at Windows/system32 and don't create any folders, as there are no more files except driver to store.
Executable itself is an installer, unistaller and controlling utility at once, so you need just a single file for everything.
By the way, installer also creates a system restore point in case something would go wrong. Also, DO NOT REMOVE driver file (hidfiltr.sys) manually, as broken driver chain will render your keyboard and mouse useless. If you need to uninstall, do it normally - via tray menu item or at least roll back to restore point.

Disclaimer: I can't give you any warranty, that this driver would work as expected and it won't completely disable you keyboard and mouse, but I did my best to avoid it. Anyway, you've been warned, so responsibility remains with you.

Enjoy, I hope you'll save you nerves with this utility.

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