This utility appeared when I finally decided to get rid of 100+ CDs and put them on a large hard drive. Normally it means that you put CD to drive tray, wait until it reads disk contents, then select everything and copy to some local folder. Then you need to wait, several times to check if process is finished and repeat. For 100+ disks it's not even annoying, it's just impossible to finish. So I've made a program, which waits for disk to appear in the drive, copies everything and ejects the disk to get another one. Advanced version, which was built next day after the very first version, supports different manners of copying and allows to select which drives to monitor. So now you can mass copy all the CDs and DVDs you need while gaming or doing anything you want.

Usage: select the destination folder (it must exist) and hit "Start monitoring".

Known limitations: only single disk at once (version 1.0); seems to have problems at 64-bit Vista.

By the way, you may want to disable autorun feature while copying.

Short description.

Download (version 1.0)
Download (version 2.0 a)
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